Bradfield College GC AGM 2019

Thanks to our Hon Secretary Mr Nick Barton please see the minutes of this this year's meeting below:


Marion welcomed those present and affirmed that this will be year last year in office. Marion expressed her pleasure in being associated with the Club for so long and witnessing such a transformation from the pile of mud seen in 1997.

The Hon Sec (NB) thanked Marion and indeed her husband James for their sterling service to the Golf Club and indeed Bradfield as a whole and wished them a happy retirement.

Apologies were received from Mon Shah, Trefor Llewellyn, Hanne Roberts, Sally Puxley, Barbara Carr, Stuart Logan and Tony Hedley.

2. MINUTES OF 2018 (NB)

NB explained that the only issue outstanding from 2018 was the state of the path from the Club House to the first tee. It was accepted that a new path would be a great idea but funding was currently proving difficult.


NB explained the plan that Simon McGreal (SMcG) was to take over many of the Hon Sec's duties on a day-to-day basis. Simon has had to deal with family health issues this year and that has proved difficult.

NB told the meeting he had looked back over the minutes from 2012 and found a comment as to the arrival of a Pro from America who was going to try and coach our members and hopefully start some sort of indoor training. NB asked the membership to drop into the swing room coaching area recently finished to see what had grown from that early vision!

NB praised both handicap secretaries and was pleased to say that they had agreed to stand again.


Michael introduced himself as Josh's replacement, Michael had been in the post for nearly the whole year.

MR explained that with Marion standing down the new Bursar (renamed as Chief Operations Manager) had decided to ask Trefor to continue in office for a further year.

MR admitted that the poor condition of the course in 2018 had led to some membership reduction but it was building again now that the course was so much better.

The College has plans to replace the welcome and information board at the entrance and also to erect signs for dog walkers and the boundaries of the course. Plans were also in place to introduce a card entry system between the car park and the course.

MR also said that a few GDPR issues needed attention and that on renewal members will be given the option to tick a box to indicate their permission for their e mail and other details to be used.

Shane McGarvey asked if tee signs could have some attention since they will need updating with changes to the par and stroke allowance for the course. Alec Horsborough told the meeting that this was in hand.


Mike told the meeting that Bradfield College golf was as strong as any in the country and that we had again won the Micklem Trophy. The College now had at least fifteen players capable of first team golf.

Girls were now beginning to play golf at the College and several girls or mixed matches had taken place.


Simon expressed his delight at the new double 'Trackman facility'. Coaching both at the College and outside was thriving and he had plans for Bradfield to become a county BB&O under 12's hub for coaching.


Alec started his report with the usual words "It has been a challenging year for the course" This year it has been extremely wet later in the summer and this coupled with the new restrictions on pesticides has meant problems with leatherjackets and worms. There is no easy solution but the greens staff are doing their very best.

Alec was pleased to say that since the recruitment of Jim and Will the course has been better kept and all present agreed and thanked all the greens Staff for their efforts.

8. MEN'S CAPTAIN'S REPORT Shane McGarvey (SMcGa)

Shane told the meeting that there were now closer ties between the two sections and several very enjoyable functions had taken place involving both sections. The Men's teams were wearing team kit and looked very smart but this had failed to produce the winning formula on the course. Our teams struggle with the longer courses when playing away from home.

The newly introduced CYDER Cup was a great success and to be repeated it is hoped. Shane thanked Bob Plumridge his vice-captain, Doug Wylie and his long suffering wife Jan who had been very supportive of his captaincy efforts.

The Men's section has enjoyed the improved Club House when entertaining visiting teams, the College providing very good after match teas.

8. LADY CAPTAIN'S REPORT Rosie Braithwaite (RB)

Rosie thought the ladies section had experienced a great year at least partly helped by good early weather. Rosie thanked all her helpers who had done such a good job. A special mention to Mary Bedwell, Susie Black and Kate Petter.

Many of the ladies handicaps have shot down mostly due to run on the ball on the fairways.

The highlight of the year was the Charity event which raised well over £1000 and when added to a contribution from the men meant that a cheque for £2054 was donated to the Newbury Cancer care Charity.


Officers for the forthcoming year had all accepted being nominated for election and were unanimously voted into office.
Men's Vice-Captain BOB GADSDEN
Lady's Captain SALLY PUXLEY
Lady's Vice-Captain ANNETTE DICKINS

10. AOB

Shane asked about the procedure for appointment of the other club officers. He was keen for the membership to have some say in appointment of positions such as Secretary and President.

NB explained that as a Proprietors Club these appointments were always made by the College however due considerations will be given to the memberships views but that the College will have the final say.